Customer Experience

Navigating the post-accident process can be complicated, confusing and stressful and is something we all hope to not have to experience. However Limitless Accident Management is here to make the experience as simple as possible so you can get on with the important things in your life. Here we outline your route through the process to its resolution.

1. You call us on 0333 772 0806 as soon as you can after the accident.

The more details you can provide us the more effective we can be. Please see our guidance on what details to record from the accident scene on our “What To Do” page.

2. We arrange your vehicle repairs.

We get your vehicle into the body shop where an expert will assess the damage and the cost to repair it. Where your preferred repair shop does not match that of the at fault insurer we will discuss your options with you.

3. We supply a replacement vehicle.

Once we are happy that another party was at fault for the accident we will arrange for a replacement vehicle to be delivered to you at a convenient time for the duration that your vehicle is off the road. The cost of this will be reclaimed from the at-fault insurer.

4. We identify any additional losses.

We can help you to establish any further costs to you as a result of the accident, for example loss of earnings and how these may be recovered. Our legal partners can also advise you regarding any personal injury experienced.  

5. We keep track of your repairs.

We monitor the progress and quality of the repairs to your vehicle and keep you updated.

6. You collect your vehicle.

Once your vehicle repairs are complete we will arrange with you a convenient time for you to collect your vehicle. Simply drive your replacement vehicle there, check you are happy with the repairs and sign the documentation to confirm this and then drive your own vehicle home.

7. We reach settlement with Third Party Insurer.

We will confirm with you all the details of every loss you have suffered due to the accident and then send this information and any supporting documentation to the Third Party Insurer. We reach settlement with them to cover the cost of the replacement vehicle and any other losses that are recoverable.